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Story Behind


Gootan (the plow) is an agricultural tool. It has a drawn-out lever at the front which gets connected to a Gomesh’s (buffalo’s) yoke with a thick iron chain. This tool was commonly used and highly regarded among Armenians, often glorified and praised in horovels and other folk songs.


When Sirusho composed her song “Pregomesh” inspired by Komitas' “Lorva Gutanger,” she followed it up with a namesake jewelry line which gave Armenian products a more widespread recognition.

It was then that the idea arose to create a platform where other Armenian brands could also be presented to reach a wider audience. Our favorite brands found their places in this space.

united brands of armenia


The platform we have created today is very global, allowing local brands to be accessible not only to Armenian consumers but also to international ones. After much deliberation about the new name, Sirusho suggested Gootan for its existing deep-rooted relation to the Gomesh. In Armenian agriculture, the Gomesh was always a farm animal, thus it also clicked for its symbolization of labor.

As the main brand, Pregomesh will take Gootan along on its journey in the same way a Gomesh does on the field.

Creating Gootan is the first step in diversifying the Pregomesh brand. This project will be followed by many others, which with their ideology, meaning, and mission will continue the success of Pregomesh.